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Bekaa, Lebanon

The Lebanese wine tradition dates back 5,000 years, when the ancient inhabitants of Lebanon, the Phoenicians, first began tending vineyards. The Phoenicians exported wine to ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece and Carthage; introducing the world to viticulture and oenology. Lebanon is also said to be the place where Jesus performed the miracle of turning water into wine.

Ksara is a wine company in Bekaa Valley Lebanon. Starting out in 1857 by the local members of the Christian community, Ksara developed the first dry wine in Lebanon.

Château Ksara is Lebanon's oldest, largest and most visited winery, attracting some 40,000 visitors per year.

All of Ksara’s vineyards are located in the central and western Bekaa Valley. At an average altitude of 1,000 meters,

Ksara wine is most popular in Lebanon, but due to a large Lebanese Diaspora all over the world, it can be found and purchased in many different countries.

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