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Byblos, Lebanon

Byblos is the Greek name of the Phoenician city Gebal. It is a Mediterranean city in the Mount Lebanon Governate.

The city’s current name is taken from the Greek word for “papyrus” (paper). Byblos was not only a major trading center and producer of papyrus, but is also famous for being the city where Phoenician scholars created the world’s first alphabet. It is believed to have been occupied first between 8800 and 7000 BC.

A thriving modern town built upon multiple layers of ruins, Byblos is a mix of sophistication and tradition.

Byblos has extensive archaeological ruins which have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The ruins range from Stone Age huts to a Roman theater to a Persian fortress and an impressive Crusader castle. Take a walk through the medieval quarter of the city and explore the old souks (markets), the medieval ramparts, and several beautiful old churches.

Byblos remains as one of Lebanon's major tourist sites due to its rich history and scenic mountains overlooking the Mediterranean.

In 2013 Byblos was chosen by Tatweej academy and a UN committee as the best touristic city in the Middle East for its great history, nature, food, nightlife and worldwide renowned sites.

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